We are very much enjoying the house we purchased from your company. The contractor did a great job with the rehab.

- Larry T.

I want to thank you for your patience in dealing with the challenges that presented themselves. I also want to thank you for the extra little things you completed in the house. We did make notice of them. You have made this family very happy. It has been a pleasure working with you.

- Denise M.

We did not think we would be able to own our own home anytime in the near future due to some credit issues. Autumnwood made it possible for us to own our first home with the Lease-Purchase program and today we are officially home owners. Thank you Autumnwood!

- Jimmie & Christy

Thank you for helping me fulfill my goal of becoming a home owner again! I particularly appreciated your non-bias attitude when I shared with you my previous unforeseen circumstances, going through a divorce, losing everything and suffering through credit issues. Regardless of these circumstances you gave me hope and worked diligently with me to ensure that I re-established myself and accomplished my goal. I am a proud home owner again! I can't thank you enough!! The Autumnwood Lease Purchase Program is a wonderful option for people who need assistance. I would recommend this program to everyone and plan to share your company's name with everyone who plans to purchase a home in the near future.

- Nicole S.

Thanks so much for helping me purchase my home. The Lease Purchase program worked for me. The program allowed me time to get my credit in order and qualify for a lower interest rate. I am a happy camper.

- Sue G.

Thank you for making it possible for our family to move into our home with only $1,000 down! WOW! What a blessing! We are extremely grateful! God Bless You.

- Carrie & Bob R.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to own a "new home". The program that your company offers gives families a chance to own a home that they might not qualify through conventional financing. Although, at first we were a little unsure about the program because it seemed to good to be true. Looking back everything worked out just as you presented it to us. Thanks again for giving us the chance at the "American Dream".

- Kimberly & John

On Tuesday we will close the purchase of our Autumnwood Home. The closing comes exactly one year to the day after we purchased the property under the Lease/Purchase agreement. We were reluctant at first to sign the agreement because it seemed "too good to be true" However, we checked with the Ohio Attorney General, Ohio Secretary of State, Better Business Bureau, and the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce before entering into the agreement. Upon learning that no complaints had ever been filed against Autumnwood with any of these agencies did we feel assured that the Lease/Purchase agreement was tremendous offer. Nothing has happened in the past year to make us regret our decision. The house is wonderfully constructed and Autumnwood's service has been exceptional. The Autumnwood staff has been very courteous and respectful. We truly appreciate the company's honesty and fair-mindedness. Based on our personal experience, we would not hesitate to recommend a Lease/Purchase agreement with Autumnwood to anyone considering such an agreement.

- Jerry W.

I would like to thank you for helping me purchase my home through your Lease Purchase plan. You worked with me in everyway to help me achieve my dream of home ownership. When my lease expired, and I still was not able to purchase my home, you renewed my lease. Later, when I was ready to purchase, you recommend someone who helped me complete the loan process and close on my house. You went out of your way to help me purchase my home. I truly believe that if you had not put forth every effort to assist me I would still be renting or leasing now. Thank you once again.

- Lucille H.

Thank you for everything that you had done for us. You made everything from moving into our home to finding financing an easy journey! We love our home, and we are glad that we purchased it from Autumnwood. Thank you again for the personal care in helping us.

- Jim D.

Thanks! From the first phone call to our first meeting I have thanked God that you helped us get to this point. I had so many doubts and fears of what was ahead. Now I know that we have a chance at a new beginning. God Bless You All.

- Hollis & Vergie S.