Autumnwood is the leader in providing high quality rentals new and newly remodeled homes in central Ohio and surrounding suburbs. Since the company was founded in 1987 we have assisted families in their successful pursuit of home ownership. We also build new homes. Before you contact anyone else about your next home, please contact Autumnwood at 614-433-9100 to discuss our available properties in the central Ohio area.

About Us

After being in business for a few years, Autumnwood recognized a market demand to rent newly built homes while creating a path to home ownership. With that goal in mind, the Lease Purchase program was introduced to provide a quality, well-build home and with a flexible purchase option for those who cannot immediately qualify to purchase a home. The program placed those who want to purchase a home on a firm path toward that goal. The timing and amount of effort needed to purchase is up to the customer, however, we will make suggestions and help you to stay on the path needed.

We Take Initiative

During the market downturn beginning in 2007, Autumnwood saw a unique opportunity to stabilize homes and neighborhoods, that were impacted by foreclosures and their economic factors while adding to the portfolio of properties the company could offer for sale, lease purchase and rent. Autumnwood began purchasing distressed properties and invested money into the homes to bring them back to life. Over several years, this process helped stabilized neighborhoods and gave Autumnwood an opportunity to add additional floor plans and locations to the company’s offerings.

The company also continues to build new homes for sale, lease purchase and rent. As a staple in the home building community and the leader in the lease purchase industry, for over 30 years Autumnwood offers an excellent opportunity for potential customers looking for their dream home in central Ohio and surrounding areas.